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Five Pillars of Today's Leaders
Bangkok, September 2007.
Publisher DMG Books recently introduced the Thai Edition of "The 5 pillars of leadership" by Paul J Meyer and Randy Sletchta. The book presents guidelines for being an effective leader with the ability to drive an organization to success.

"we all have to be leaders in different situations; at least we have to lead ourselves. The question is how well we can do it." said Randy Sletchta at the launch of the book in Bangkok. In addition to being one of the authors, he is the president of Leadership Management International (LMI) Inc, a global personnel and organizational development consultant.

"Being an effective leader requires commitment, the courage to move forward, the ability to cope with changes and the willingness to help others to change themselves." he said.

In "the 5 pillars of Leadership", the success of an organization is seen as a result of a thorough understanding of the organization's goals and how to achieve them, as well as the ability of the leaders and team members, and their collective willingness to act.

A leader has 5 important tasks; to clearly determine the organization's objectives; to create strategies and plans for their achievement; to build strong motivation within the organization; to streangthen the confidence of the staff to do their best; and to maintain determination and spirit when facing obstacles.

"A leader is the one who guides the organization to success, solves the problems and creates opportunities for progress," said sletchta. "Their responsibilities also include improving other people's abilities as well as their own, to achieve positive results and greater effectiveness."

The Thai translation of the book is by Jumbhot Chuasai, managing director of LMI (Thailand). " The most important part of promoting leadership in an organization is changing attitudes," he said. "This means that the leader must provide education and expertise as well as opportunities for employees to make their own decisions and be their own boss, so that leadership will exist at all levels of the chain of command."

On this occasion, Mrs Heather Suksem, Managing Director of Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. (PCS), shared valuable experiences on how PCS integrates the concepts from the "The five pillars of Leadership" into the development programmes for staff and management in PCS. In November 2007 PCS will celebrate it's 40th anniversary, and with over 23,000 staff, PCS is Thailand's largest integrated property support services provider. Last year PCS was awarded the World client of the year award from LMI, presented by Randy Sletchta.

The Thai version of "The five pillars of Leadership" is priced at 215 Bht and available at Dbooks on the 22nd Floor of Amarin Plaza (Chidlom BTS Station) and various leading bookstores nationwide. For more information, contact DMG at 0-2685-2254-5 or visit or contact LMI (Thailand) at 0-2651-8326

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