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Developing leaders and organizations to their full potential.
Help every client achieve measurable results toward their goals.
Be the most effective resource worldwide for leadership and organizational development.

 Mr. Salanroj Sutaschuto, Partner

"Now our team members realize to get the most out of workplace is not about working longer and harder; it's about balance wheel of life through effective goal setting, time management, and get results through seamless teamwork"

Mr. Henry Wang
SGS Thailand

An incredible opportunity...
... to own and operate your own business in the leadership, management and organizational development industry.

Leadership Management® International, Inc. is a world pioneer in professional development, organizational development and strategic planning.  LMI's facilitated process insures client results and success for our partners worldwide.  With over 40 years of successful experience, courses offered in 23 languages and marketed in more than 60 countries,  LMI is continuing to expand its presence to meet a critical need in business and industry for its unique process and materials.

Our goal to expand internationally is achieved by establishing Master Licensees, Licensees, and Associates throughout the world.

We are looking for individuals who have:

  • A strong desire to succeed.
  • A desire to own a profitable business; building equity for your future.
  • A deep interest in working with people and business to help them succeed and achieve measurable results.
  • A desire to be a leader in the professional and organizational development industry
  • Have a track record of success in whatever you do.
  • Are coachable and willing to participate in a comprehensive professional certification program.

We are always interested in individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who would like to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. 

LMI offers these benefits:

  • A chance to operate your own business.
  • World-class training and support system. 
  • Associating with professionals with a rich background of experience and success.
  • The advantage of time-proven programs, assessments, and systems.
  • A process that delivers measurable results.
  • Personal satisfaction from the realization of your true potential.

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